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1600mAh 4S LiPo FPV 80C Adrenaline w/XT60

by Thunder Power
Item # TP1600-4SA80X
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Thunder Power TP1600-4SA80X - This one is for all you FPV racers! The Thunder Power Adrenaline Series are the most powerful batteries ever made available for pro and competition-level FPV racing. All batteries come with XT60 connectors, so no need to solder! This line features between 70-80C batteries with competitive pricing.

Max Charge: 8C

Max Charge Current: 12.8A

Max Cont. Discharge: 80C

Max Cont. Current: 128A

Max Burst: 160C

Max Burst Current: 256A

A word from Kurt and Rob about batteries..

We get it. You buy what you can afford and, like most of us, you want the best battery for your budget. We've enjoyed the Thunder Power product line for several years now - free. That's right, we didn't pay a dime for batteries for many years since we used them in review products over at 2BFLY.COM. We were spoiled, sure, but the long lasting effect is that we became power snobs. When you have 70+ C discharge batteries at your disposal, everything screams. Power systems run long, fast and cool and batteries last for hundreds of cycles. There's a message in there, however, for everyone: know your power system requirements.

The most important thing you can do is calculate your maximum power consumption of your motor and ESC combination and use a battery that's rated for it! We always had so much overhead on our packs, our TP batteries would last forever. No puffing, no cell distortion, just reliability for years.

So what can you do?

Pick the best battery from an electrical perspective and then buy the best brand you can afford within those specs. Simple. Anything less and don't be surprised by the results. LiPo's can be a little intimidating for the newcomer or Nixx convert. Don't let it be.

Go to our CONNECT/TOOLS section and start playing with calculators. Figure out what your powerplant needs for continuous and burst amperage. Read the CONNECT/KNOWLEDGEBASE section on batteries. Lastly, click on the MEDIA tab above and watch our video on Battery Storage. A huge piece people miss on a regular basis is the right way to store batteries for long term reliability and performance.

If you're stuck and need help making decisions, just reach out to us through the support section and we'll get you squared away...EVEN if it means guiding you to another retailer for the right hardware!


Balance Connector: JST-XH
Main Connector: XT60
Dimensions: 32x44x72mm
Cell Count: 4
Chemistry: LiPo
Discharge: 80C



Thunder Power batteries carry a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects and failure under normal use and care. For more information and for product support, please contact Thunder Power RC at:

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