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12AWG Silicone Wire Black 1FT

by RC Overstock
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Soft, supple and oh-so-smooth. The jacket, of course. High grade silicone with the right balance of flexibility and durability. We've selected our 12AWG Silicone Jacket stranded wire with a few key things in mind:

-Flexibility throughout standard operating temperatures
-Jacket durability that resists tears and doesn't shrivel during soldering
-High strand count for lower overall resistance - better for high amperage applications
-Purity (low oxygen/high purity conductors) for ease of soldering and performance
-Value. The maximum quality for the lowest pricing.

Available in Red or Black, individual or as pairs - all by the foot. RCO wire is the perfect fit for your application, from high current batteries to ESCs to brushed and brushless motors.


Length: 12 in.(305mm)
Amperage: 60A Continuous, 90A Burst

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