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 This RC industry has a bad habit of taking itself way too seriously. We’re not flying satellites into low earth orbit or solving the world’s problems, we’re playing with toys and letting the RC geek out of its cage for pure enjoyment. Yes it’s technical, and yes it can require a lot of talent, but it can also be simple fun. Buying smart is a good way to have fun.

Admittedly, we’re spoiled. We’ve played with some incredible equipment over the years. As the product reviewers and founders behind 2 Brothers Hobby, we chose some of the best brands out there for a reason. Funny thing is, no matter how premium the manufacturer, they’ve had (and still have) stinkers too. Our approach was simple – if it didn’t pass our approval and scoring, we didn’t give it coverage.

Some manufacturers were ok playing in our space while others were not. Seems they were used to their advertisers being in their pocket. We would not sell out! Fact is, we just didn’t want to waste time and effort on a dud product. We weren’t interested in being controversial and getting maximum views, we were always focused on getting our viewers validated and helpful information so they would succeed.

Here’s the deal: RCO goes out, looks for bulk buys and closeouts, but also carries some new release products as well (especially the Extras). We look for scratch and dent (damaged box) products, factory refurbs, and new stuff to bundle with other products. We’ll always tell you which is which in the product information. We’re a buyers club. No gimmicks, no garbage. Our catalog will be ever-changing as opportunities present themselves and as our relationships with premium manufacturers evolve.  

Go sign up for a free account, and then sign up for our rewards program. Start getting some wicked coupons, save money on premium RC gear and drop the drama. We’re here to guide you along the way whether you’re a new hobbyist or a seasoned weekend warrior looking to step up your game.  We're a new virtual RC Hobby Shop. 

Finally, a huge thanks to all our viewers and supporters over the years at 2 Brothers Hobby and RC Flight Source. You are the best. You’ve asked so many times over the years, “Can I buy from you guys?” Well, now you can and we’re happy to serve.

Kurt, Rob and Shanin
Founders, RC Overstock, Inc.

RC Overstock, Inc.
34 East Main Street
Norwalk, OH 44857

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